Baking, My Love

Around an year ago, I got fascinated with baking. I used to watch video after video on YouTube, bookmarked recipes on my browser, checked food blogs and what not.

The only honest-to-God problem between me and my new crush was not owning an oven. So I started cutting short my expenses a lil bit and saved up enough to buy a brand new oven all the while fantasising about me being in the kitchen, baking cookies to perfection or taking out a freshly made pizza with loads and loads of cheese. Finally the day arrived when I bought an oven. My husband and I took great care in removing the packaging. And there it was! In all its glory, shiny and beautiful. All of my fantasies had indeed come true and the baker inside me took off in full swing.

In the very first month, I had made cookies, pizza, bread, cake rusk, tea biscuits, cake and what not. You name it and I had baked it.

As I baked more and more, I realised that baking isn’t a crush at all but I had indeed fallen in love. Head over heels. The wafting smell of cookies in my kitchen worked like an aphrodisiac for me. And when I took that first bite from the freshly baked right-out-of-the-oven brownies…Heaven!!

And not just me. My little imps couldn’t wait to get their hands on my baked ‘with love’ goodies. Half of my baked stuff used to fly off right from the cooling rack and thus throwing away any plans I had to make a week’s supply of healthy homemade snacks for my kids from the window.

But I didn’t mind. It gave me an excuse to have another tryst with my oven with another recipe.

It’s not like I haven’t had my fair share of baking disasters. I have, over the period of time, overbaked and burnt my cookies, threw an underbaked cake I was making for my daughter’s B’day in the dustbin (I had a foresight to make it 3 days prior to the party so luckily I was able to make another cake right on time). I even messed up an easy peasy baked potato recipe.

So I can safely say that my relationship with baking has seen its highs and lows but our love was triumphant in the end. And it’s getting stronger every day.

Any regrets you ask? Oh yes! Why hadn’t I started earlier. I wasted so much time in thinking I wasn’t skilled enough for baking and that it’s a high maintenance relationship. How wrong I had been?

So baking, my love, this is for you. May our love continues to grow. From now till eternity. Cheers!

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