7 Mantras to keep my home clean

My profile description tells you I am a full time mom and a freelance writer. What it doesn’t tell you is that I am an expert procrastinator. I am by nature lazy and messy( I would rather spend my time stalking Ryan Reynolds on his instagram account than wash the Mount Everest of dishes piling up in my kitchen sink). But I am also someone who wants to show a clean and presentable house if anyone arrives unannounced in my apartment. And living in a building with lots of friendly neighbours, such occasions are many.

So over a period of time, I have developed a set of steps I take every day to make sure my house looks presentable while leaving me some time for feeding my forever hungry kids, writing blogs and articles, not to forget the ryan reynolds stalking thing. So read on to find my 7 mantras to keep my home clean…


1. Make your bed

Make your bed everyday. I know, I know… You have heard this umpteen times to make your bed first thing in the morning. That’s because it’s one of the steps which everyone disregards the most. A single act of making your bed in the morning makes the bedroom look clean. Nobody likes the look of crumpled duvets and ruffled pillows. Making the bed provides an immaculate look to the whole bedroom.

2. Wash as you go

As I said above, dishes are always piling up in my kitchen. My one mantra to make my kitchen look good and smell fresh is to wash it as you go. Trust me, washing 4-5 dishes every two hours or so is far easier than washing a ton of dishes at the end of the day. And the kitchen will always look clean. Plus, I just can’t bear the smell of dirty dishes. I also make it a point to wash dinner dishes before going to sleep. That way, I wake up to tidy kitchen and it motivates me to keep it that way.


3. Invest in storage boxes

Storage boxes or baskets with lid on them are your friend if you have kids who are constantly scattering every item you own out there in the living room. Investment in different sizes of storage boxes comes handy at times like these. Great for dumping everything sundry if a friend is coming up for an impromptu visit. If you are short on space, invest in furniture peices that have hidden storage in them.

4. One load a day

I make it a point to wash atleast one load of laundry each day. Easy to clean, easy to dry and easy to fold and keep ’em back in cupboard, this method has helped me retain my sanity even when I have half of my closet waiting to be washed in the laundry.

5. Vaccum cleaning

I prefer to vacuum clean my home every night. It’s a damage control thing. My kids won’t be able to mess it up a lot as it’s almost their bedtime and I wake up to a clean and dusted home every morning.

6. Home for everything

Another nightly ritual of mine is to keep every item, scattered here and there by my kids, back to its original place. It goes a long way in making the home look orderly the next day.


7. Fragrant home

I regularly buy candles of my favourite scents to keep my home smelling fresh. I specially love the French vanilla flavour. You should definitely consider buying some. And keep them in your living room, bedrooms and even bathrooms. It will make your home smell delicious and lovely.

So these are my seven mantras which I follow without fail. If you have any other tips for a clean and fresh home, do let me know in the comments section. Till then, have a good day.

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